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If asked to mention their favorite room in your home to the children, they will always mention the kitchen. Because that is where the favorite food recipes get prepared. And the kitchen is considered as the soul of a home. And do we need to say, that this space should be kept clean and tidy? In this article, let us discuss the kitchen renovation trends for 2020.

A. Cabinets


These wooden fixtures can either make or mar your kitchen. You need to design them to look modern, stylish and as per the trend. If they are worn out or outdated, then your kitchen can give an old look.

B. Eco-friendly


Will you believe this movement has made its way to the kitchen? You will not believe that some Indian prefer to have cabinets prepared with recycled materials. In a few years, the options will be infinite. This change will be regarded as one of the major kitchen renovation trends for 2020.

C. Return of Color

Return of Color

Two decades ago, monochromatic colored kitchens were a common sight. And the favorite was white-colored tiles. But in recent times, the trend will change as per kitchen renovation experts. You can expect to see color combinations in the future. In the future, you may come across kitchens that have a shade of lemon, turquoise, and avocado. But the color of the kitchen will not have darker shades.

Some want to make their kitchen color different. So, you can expect to see white and blue shades. A kitchen is a place that should rarely have black and dark corners. It is better to have LED lighting around the place.

Do you stay in Bangalore and just want a different color for the kitchen? It is easy to hire the best companies offering the best painting services in Bangalore. Try searching the apps of companies offering home appliance repairs in Bangalore city. Check in the app for the best pros and hire them within four minutes.

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The preference of colors varies on culture and the traditional practices in India. There are some cultures where you get only the yellow light bulbs in the kitchen.

D. No Handles

Yes, the kitchen can contain cabinets, but it is hard to visualize them without handles. In the present day, the millennial population wants no handles in the cabinets. In need, they prefer the brass handles.

E. Glass Cabinet

Kitchen Renovation Trends for 2020

In the 1990s, glass doors to the kitchen were common. Then the design took a backseat. Now, the cycle has returned. Now, there are some Indians who want glass cabinets in the kitchen.

You should also consider one factor. It is impossible to change your kitchen every year trend. You need to select the best trend and then make a one-time investment. If the renovation is done, the change should appeal to every year. It is a difficult challenge, but a little patience and getting help from the able professionals will make the project a success.

F. Usage of Materials in Kitchens for Kitchen Renovation

In this case, four materials are given preference. They are marble, concrete, hardened glass and ceramics. But consider the method of use. Marble of dark color or white color is used as countertops.

When it comes to the tempered glass surfaces, they give a glossy feel to the entire kitchen. And if the lighting is properly arranged, the color effects will be immense. This type of glass is scratch resistant and so the popularity.

We need not tell more about concrete. If you have a concrete brick kitchen, you need not worry about the scratches. It is also easy to maintain this type of space.

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Regarding ceramics, you can find that there are various design possibilities. And the wooden shelves with bright red color, they are making a grand comeback.

There was a time when in the kitchen, dishes were prepared and served in the dining room. The present has changed. Now, the dining room and kitchen have been combined. So, you find a table in the kitchen with wooden benches and a table.

G. Chimneys

Just imagine the old homes. You can visualize the chimneys with the triangular shape which went to the roof to throw out fumes. Now, you find various types of chimneys and can select the best model as per the demand.



There are times when you need to add extra space to the kitchen by breaking walls and extending the space of your home. In this case, you need to contact a qualified civil engineer as he/she can give sound advice. They can also give details regarding the changes to be made in water lines, electrical wires and more.

But first, you need to be prepared. Make a plan and then consult with the civil engineer. You will get to know the pros and cons. Arrive at a common decision and start the renovation project on the best day. Let your kitchen glow and add to the happiness of your family. Here is wishing you a toast.

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