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When summer is here, people start to understand the importance of air-conditioning in their home. You could call people spoiled when they switched on their air-conditioning, however, being able to cool down your room in a few minutes is clearly a need, and not a want during summer. When the temperature outside is hot enough to fry an egg, air-conditioning has become a life-saving electrical appliance for many. A hot country like Singapore experience high demand of air-conditioning system and regular aircon servicing in Singapore from reputable companies is often necessary to ensure proper operation.Air-conditioning system is one of the highest power consumption electrical appliances and regular maintenance could add-up to a significant expense.

Here, we are going to share various aircon tips that could help you to save money for your air-conditioning, especially during summer.

Purchasing your air-conditioning from installer instead of generic retail outlets

Certified installers are equipped with the expertise and knowledge that will suggest the most suitable air-conditioning system based on your home environment and specific cooling requirements. Except if you are an expert in the air-conditioning industry, all things considered, the only knowledge you are aware of the cooling system is probably that they are able to cool down the rooms. This absence of information and expertise unintentionally drives us to fancy general retailers or even online platforms, resulting in homeowners picking brands or types of units that may not be suitable. This results in selecting the best-fit air-conditioning system for your home and cooling needs.

There are mainly 3 reasons why you should avoid going to the retail outlets and instead, go straight to a certified aircon servicing and installation company for your air-conditioner.

  1. Most appliances retail outlets do not have in-house experts and installers to advice on the best air-conditioning for your home and cooling requirements. They may not have the full knowledge in recommending the best air-conditioners. They simply outsource the installation work and the quality of the installation process is purely based on luck and the experience could vary. It would definitely be frustrating if you happen to experience an inexperienced team installing your units and by the time it is often too late.
  2. Another reason why you should directly engage certified servicing and installation air-conditioner company is you could get really competitive pricing. Since approved installers are basically responsible for all the heavy lifting and installation work, you can get the best offers. You may even end up paying less than what the retail outlets are offering for certain brands or models. Also, you are guaranteed of the workmanship and premium materials that the air-conditioning company is offering.
  3. Last but not least, a common salesperson will often sell you the air-conditioning brand based on their impression or worst the commission fees. They often neglect the design and capabilities of the different air-conditioning that will best suit your home environment and cooling requirements. General air-conditioning servicing and installation company, on the other hand would arrange a site viewing in your home before recommending the best suited air-conditioning system. They would make sure they understand the customer house structure and cooling requirements and propose the best brand and type of air-conditioner system that will suit your needs. This requires experience and staying on the latest development of different air-conditioning brands and types of units in the market.

Selecting the best location for your air-conditioning

People are known for being aesthetics for everything, this even more so with regards to renovating and furnishing our homes. And keeping in mind that it may appear to be a brilliant move to locate and install your air-conditioner distant in a corner or right above the door as it is commonly seen in some shop houses. This could be an issue on your servicing and repair for years to come and could be frustrating.

There are some reasons why it could cause this problem. The off-corner air-conditioner spot imply that your aircon won’t have the option to cool the room efficiently. This also adds up to irregular warm spots around the room which are not cooled. Also, air-conditioner nearing the door would expose your aircon to continually changing temperatures from opening and shutting of the entryway that may result in problems and result in annoying issue such as leaking.

You can confide in the expert in aircon servicing and installer as they will have enough hands-on experience and knowledge in recommending the best position for your air-conditioner.

Purchasing an energy efficient air-conditioner

With regards to maximising your savings from your air-conditioning system, you should always begin with the most energy-efficient air-conditioner units. This can be easily seen through the energy efficiency ratings that are rated in the different air-conditioning system.  How about we put things into point of view for you. The higher the energy efficiency rating an air-conditioner system receives, the higher you would be able to save for your energy bills. The sum that you are saved from your energy bills could offset the higher priced air-conditioner units, or channelled back to your regular aircon servicing funds which are mandatory to upkeep the condition of your cooling system.

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Always select the right cooling capacity based on the size of your room.

Larger does not always, implies better, this is especially in the case of air-conditioning units. Greater cooling capacity for a small room may not do well in your room, as it instead could cause problems. A bigger room would technically require greater cooling capacity of your air-conditioning units to cool down the room.

There are a theory and factors behind choosing the right cooling capacity for your room, and is affected by multiple factors such as direct sun exposure, appliances, number of people and more. Understanding the right cooling capacity of your room is important as it could save you cash, cool down your room efficiently and increase life expectancy.

An unnecessary bigger sized air-conditioner unit will be quietly eating up on your energy bills every month on top of the progressively inclined issues and wear and tear in the air-conditioning system.

Thus, these tips would help you to reduce your expenses and save aside some cash when you are using your air-conditioning system this summer. Also, always remember to get your aircon servicing fix regularly to ensure proper operation of your air-conditioning system.

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