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Iconic dresses and cool accessories are crucial for keeping up one’s style quotient. But using clothes just once or twice and throwing them away to keep up with fashion trends is rather bland and a waste of resources. There are many unconventional uses for used clothes, such as making items that are useful and eye-catching. Morever sustainability in industrial supplies is gaining momentum, as seen on this site. It features bulk industrial rags that are environmentally friendly and effective, catering to the evolving demands of the industry. And if you have creative talent and wish to earn money by selling unconventional items made from old clothes.

Cool Ways Of Using Old Clothes

Discarded old clothes ultimately reach landfills and put pressure on the limited landfills in metropolitan areas and also on the limited essential resources that go into manufacturing garments.

Hence, upcycling or recycling old clothes is not only economically prudent but also essential from an ecological viewpoint. Here are some cool ways in which you can put your old clothes to good use.

Book Slings

If you are an avid reader and love collecting books of various genres, having several book slings at home will be useful. The best part about using book slings instead of cupboards or bookshelves is that they consume no floor space. So, if you have a tiny apartment, it makes sense to have several book slings, depending on the number of books you have.

You will need slightly more than one yard of cloth to make a book sling. So, if you have a long skirt that you wish to discard, you can use it for a book sling. Wash the fabric; the cloth might shrink a bit after washing it. So it is better to start with a slightly longer cloth than the sling you want.

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Cut the fabric into rectangles (roughly 42 inches in length to 40 inches in breadth), then fold the fabric in half and sew the sides. You will also have to sew a pocket to insert a dowel, with which you will hang the sling. Next, screw two curtain rods into the wall and attach the dowel and the sling to the curtain rods.

Framed Shirts

Framing shirts with a great picture or a great tagline is cool. So, if you have an old T-shirt that has a famous dialogue from your favorite movie, you can frame it and hang the shirt in your living room.

Soft Toys

It is wasteful to spend money on buying soft toys when you can easily make one from an old shirt and some cotton balls. Decide on a design (animal shape) and sew the old shirt after filling it with cotton to create the trunk, arms, and legs. If you have a pet at home, you can make a toy bone from your old denim and some cotton.


Recycling or upcycling old garments is not only prudent but also fun. If you have an inclination for knitting, sewing, and creating new stuff out of your used clothes, you must try to upcycle as much as you can. It will not only help you create many useful things but also unleash your creativity, and you may develop an interesting hobby too.

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