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 Thermo vacuum is a process that allows you to have quality wood dried under vacuum and subjected to heat treatment. This allows us to have raw material suitable for each type of processing with low environmental impact procedures. The innovative process that improves the conservation of wood and makes it suitable for outdoor use also offers many advantages.

The system makes it possible to produce a new generation of thermally modified wood with high added value and great resistance and durability properties, without the use of chemical substances.

The wood subjected to vacuum drying offers the same characteristics as the most precious tropical woods, with obvious environmental advantages ranging from the reduction of the environmental and economic impact due to road transport, to the excessive exploitation of tropical forests, to the non-use of harmful substances for the environment in the traditional wood treatment phase.

For example, if we subject silver fir (Abies Alba Mill) and spruce (Picea excelsa Lam) wood, the latter species dominant in Trentino and throughout the Alps, to the aforementioned treatment we would have a product that has the typical characteristics of tropical woods in terms of aesthetics and durability. In fact, these two are the factors that make the importation of tropical woods preferable to the detriment of our own, which in fact only come to possess these same characteristics if treated. Wood subjected to the TERMOVUOTO® treatment also proves to be suitable for outdoor use, such as for fixtures, facades, outdoor furniture, and is competitive not only with wood treated in the traditional way, but also with other materials such as plastic.

Among the advantages offered by vacuum heat-treated wood there is not only the one linked to the lower environmental impact, but also a lower emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC), substances normally emitted by wood treated in the traditional way, or by that treatment which turns out to be necessary for the application of wood in the interior design sector.

Volatile organic compounds, different from a molecular point of view and with different physical and chemical behaviours, all have a certain range of volatility and are therefore able to easily disperse in the environment. These compounds are harmful to humans.

Why choose TERMOVUOTO® treatment?

There are many reasons for choosing wood treated with the heat-vacuum method, and therefore range from particular attention to the environment that surrounds us to the healthiness of the domestic environments in which we spend most of our time.

The TERMOVUOTO® treatment is marketed by WDE Maspell , a company that has been active in the wood drying sector for several decades. The trademark and patents are owned by WDE Maspell itself.

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