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Next to your birthday, there’s no bigger day for you to shine than Father’s Day. This is your day to relish the joy and love your family bestows on you. When preparing for the Father’s Day festivities, you’ll want to choose an outfit that allows you to look and feel your best. If you’re headed to a special Father’s Day brunch and don’t know what to wear, consider some of the following points and outfit ideas.

Considerations To Keep in Mind

You probably have a variety of choices in your wardrobe. Here are some basic things to consider when choosing what to wear to a Father’s Day brunch.


Take time to consider the forecast on brunch day. Whether you’re taking a trip or staying in town and going to your favorite brunch spot, always make sure to check the radar. If it’s supposed to be stormy, make sure to include a rain jacket in your brunch attire. If there are sunny skies ahead, a crisp linen suit will make a great option for hot and humid weather. If you live or you’re visiting a destination area where you might experience all four seasons in one day, always bring an extra layer (sweater, jacket, etc.) that you can wear in case the weather shifts. You can always layer a sports jacket with men’s sports shirts to provide a classic yet fun look.

Where You’re Eating

Consider the Father’s Day brunch menu of the restaurant you’re going to. If you plan on enjoying lots of seafood for brunch, you’ll want to wear clothing that is easy to wash and get stains out of, just in case you spill. If you’re going to a typical brunch spot with standard breakfast fare, you can probably dress more casually.

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Stick to apparel in darker colors like navy blue and black since stains and spills are less visible on darker-colored clothing. For brunch reservations at a swanky hotel, plan to wear a nice suit and dress shoes for the occasion. If the restaurant is considered a four- or five-star location, it’s more suitable to dress up rather than down.


Fortunately, when it comes to men’s clothing in this day and age, comfort and style can easily be synonymous. In addition to looking for a flattering cut of pants, choose a style that’s also comfortable. Consider a pair of shorts or pants made from a lightweight and breathable material. This allows for a tailored look that doesn’t feel too tight. When you’re searching for a pair of men’s classic shorts, look for a cotton blend material. You’ll appreciate the extra give of stretch fabrics when you indulge at brunch.


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Now that we’ve covered some considerations, let’s dive into some outfit ideas to celebrate Father’s Day brunch in style:

Outfit Idea #1: Patterned Pants or Shorts

It’s your day, so have some fun with your look! Stripped slacks make a creative fashion statement when paired with men’s polo shirts. This is a trendier look that many Millennial dads might love wearing. For a sleek yet simple look, try a pair of pants featuring one or two sleek stripes down the side.

For an even bolder statement, try a pair of printed pants. Look for prints like plaid and floral. Keep the rest of the look simple with a matching color for the jacket, shirt and shoes.

Outfit Idea #2: Sunday Best Look

If you’re headed to brunch after church, chances are you’re already wearing your Sunday best. If you’re going to Father’s Day brunch at a restaurant that requires a more formal attire, dress the part in a full suit or a jacket and slacks. Consider a blazer or sports coat in a bright color like seafoam green or yellow.

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If you want to wear a patterned blazer, that will add a note of sophistication that’s perfect to try out in the summer. Add some pizzazz with a pocket square and a matching tie. A nice pair of loafers will combine a sense of comfort and style.

Outfit Idea #3: Sleek, Monochromatic Look

While colors and prints have their place, there’s nothing quite as chic and sleek as a monochromatic look. You can’t go wrong with any color you choose for a Father’s Day brunch. An all-white look works just as beautifully as an all-blue option. A monochromatic look is also nice because it creates a canvas for your accessories to shine.

Since Father’s Day is in the warm month of June, don’t be afraid to rock a monochromatic look in a summer color. If you opt for an all-black look, add a sophisticated touch with gold accessories (watch, rings and chain). Add a straw hat as a nod to the warm weather for an all-brown look. For a casual, outdoor day, rock a pair of shorts, a stylish sports shirt and a pair of nude-colored loafers.

What Will You Wear for Father’s Day Brunch?

When it comes to these outfit ideas, there’s a lot of room for you to play with your look and have fun with it. Incorporate accessories like hats, belts and jewelry to elevate the look and reflect your personal style. As you prepare for your Father’s Day brunch, know that it’s worth taking time to create the perfect outfit. Your outfit should match the excitement of the day as you enjoy your family on such a special occasion.

Wear for Father’s Day Brunch

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