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Gurgaon shares the characteristics of a climate-extreme city with the capital. It is frequently referred to as the Millennium City because it is one of the four important satellite cities of the National Capital Region. Dronacharya, the guru of the Pandavas and Kauravas in the Epic Mahabharata, gave the name to Gurgaon, also known as Guru Gram or the village of the spiritual teacher. 

As you think of visiting this city, know that hotels in Gurgaon are to host you with warm hospitality and love. Since there are severe weather conditions in Gurgaon, it is crucial to check the best time to visit Gurgaon. In summer, it gets scorchingly hot and in the winter, it gets pretty cold. Here’s your guide to the best time to visit Gurgaon with complete details.

Best Time to Visit Gurgaon 

Gurgaon’s winter is brief but pleasant. The season begins in September and continues until early December. October to February is the best time to visit Gurgaon. In October, the temperature typically drops to 25 to 27 degrees Celsius. This season’s most important characteristics are a lot of sunshine and little rain. The worst of the monsoon has passed by October and the weather returns relatively stable. The brief autumn season in Gurgaon ends in early November. It is generally regarded as the best time to see Gurgaon and the surrounding area.

This is a temperamental time of year because Himalayan winds can bring down temperatures to near-freezing levels. Usually, the maximum temperature here is approximately 20 degrees Celsius. Even though nighttime temperatures can drop as low as 5 degrees Celsius, if you plan to visit Gurgaon during the winter, you should bring layers of clothing with you to cover all scenarios. The city is said to be at its best during this time.

Places to Visit in Gurgaon during Winters

  1. Damdama Lake
    The largest lake in Haryana is Damdama Lake, which covers nearly 3,000 acres. It is the perfect spot for your family picnics and on-site corporate team-building exercises and training. 

It is the ideal getaway if you are living in and around Gurgaon. Surrounded by the rocky Aravalli hills with an uneven but exciting topography. The Aravalli Hills have challenging terrain, so if youare an avid rock climber, you can indulge and test your skills there.

  1. Cyber Hub
    It is a grand center for socializing for you that focuses on food as well. Cyber Hub is the place to be for a party, dinner, or just to relax with your friends in a game room! The majority of the action in Gurgaon occurs there. 

It is also a favorite among officer-goers due to its abundance of cozy cafes, restaurants and pubs, which are located right next to one of the city’s corporate centers. You can plan a party here on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Make sure to book one of the hotels in Gurgaon for a cozy stay after a tiring day.

  1. Kingdom of Dreams

The Kingdom of Dreams is one of Gurgaon’s most famous tourist attractions, covering several acres. You can witness India’s diverse culture, heritage, cuisines and art forms that come together to create a stunning form of entertainment and recreation. 

Numerous entertaining and instructive musicals and theatrical performances are staged at the Nautanki Mahal. These events are the perfect events for your weekend plans. The Culture Gallery is a museum that showcases the diverse Indian cuisine, arts and crafts and culture. 

  1. Farrukh Nagar Fort

This magnificent fort was built in 1732 by Mughal emperor Faujdar Khan. You can witness the classic Mughal structure, decorated with various designs from that time. 

The fort has an octagonal shape and is home to one of the country’s most famous bastions. A visit to the Farrukhnagar Fort, one of Gurgaon’s most popular tourist attractions, is almost required if you are a fan of architecture and design.

  1. Leisure Valley Park
    In the middle of the concrete jungle is Leisure Valley Park, a pleasant green space that is maintained. You can run around the jogging track, relax in the garden and read alongside the musical fountains and a restaurant to replenish your hunger. 

When the fountains are illuminated in the evening and the water sprays to soft, mesmerizing music, it’s a special treat for your perfect evening. It is always a good idea to book one of the best hotels in Gurgaon to feel at home.

Things to Do in Gurgaon during Winters

  1. Go Camping in Aravalis
    If you want to go camping but don’t want to break the bank, then Camping in Gurgaon is the best option. This is a brief but exciting escape from the bustling streets of Gurgaon and allows you to refuel after a long week of work. In contrast to a luxury resort, camping gives you the chance to experience a relatively rough life. You can find various Gurgaon hotels for a lively experience after camping.

  2. Enjoy Village Tourism
    Village tourism is best enjoyed at Pratapgarh Farms, Thakran Farms and other locations. These farms are popular recreational destinations for family and business outings. The mud bath and tubewell bath can be extremely popular. With your friends. Your family would love to play other games, both indoors and outdoors. Folk music and dance performances fill the evenings.

  3. Hot Air Balloon Ride

A hot air balloon ride is one such exciting activity that you can do with your loved ones. 500 feet in the air, soar high in the sky. Enjoy this classic hot air balloon ride over picturesque Gurgaon locations and take in the mesmerizing sunrise. You can see the sun rising like a bird. Take a look at the traditional one-hour hot air balloon ride with your loved ones.

  1. Visit the Neverenuf Garden Railway

NeverEnuf is a garden railroad in Gurgaon that is one of a kind and can make you feel like a kid again. You can have all the thrills to see remote-controlled boats and miniature trains, all situated on this one-acre site amid rocky hills and vibrant flowers. Here you can also indulge in numerous DIY activities. Look for Gurgaon hotels near this location for a comfortable stay.

  1. Bird Watching in the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary and Keoladeo National Park

The perfect family outing can be enjoyed outdoors at the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary. This bird sanctuary has truly breathtaking scenery, making it a popular weekend getaway for hikers and bird watchers. At the park, you can take a tranquil walk through the forest and learn about the Acacia Nilotica, Acacia Tortilis and Berberis varieties of flowers.

Gurgaon in Summer 

The summer season in Gurgaon lasts until June, with the hottest month being May. If you go to Gurgaon at this time, you should prepare for the scorching heat. There is little relief from the heat due to the oppressive nighttime temperatures. During the summer, most tourists avoid Gurgaon, but if you do go, make sure to stay hydrated. During this time, hot, dry winds, dust storms and occasional thunderstorms are always expected.

Gurgaon in Monsoon

The place experiences its monsoon season from July to September. During the season, the temperature ranges from 20 to  40 degrees Celsius, humidity soars and the sticky air make it uncomfortable. You can explore a variety of city locations, thanks to the location’s cool temperature. Your travel might be impacted by heavy rains, which may last for up to a week at a time.

Gurgaon is one of the best places to experience a fusion of landscapes and culinary art. Also, Treebo hotels in Gurgaon host you with classic amenities and over the top hospitality.

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Gurgaon can frequently be a pleasant surprise that offers something for everyone. The city has everything you need, from historic landmarks to thrilling activities. It is essential to be aware of the shifting weather conditions in this location before considering it for business, leisure or both.


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