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Reached your favourite travel destination? It sounds exciting and amusing to travel to your favourite travel destination, and you make a lot of preparations for your itinerary. 

But, are you prepared completely for your trip without forgetting anything? You may be thinking of exploring the new country for its exotic food, language, culture, and beautiful places. 

No I don’t mean your camera, but travelling and exploring different places in a new country can turn into a nightmare if you get sick, or get injured at any point. Carrying medicines with yourself from your country is a good option, but there are various scenarios which need to be prevented in such situations. 

There are many situations which can occur once you reach the destination, which you may not even know about. 

  • Family emergency may lead to booking an early flight back home,
  • Luggage misplaced in your home country or at airport,
  • Medical emergencies – injury, flu, infection, etc.,
  • And many more unprecedented situations may occur to ruin your trip.

But, you got to worry about nothing here, as travel insurance plans cover all such unexpected situations by providing you relief or benefits like,

  • Reduction in air airfare for emergency, 
  • Free-of-cost medical attention in that foreign country, 
  • Luggage missing compensation and inquiry services, etc. 

Usually, people purchase their travel insurance before starting from their home country, but sometimes you may miss this important step and also various benefits which come along with it. It is encouraged to buy your travel insurance plan before booking for your trip, as you get to explore different insurance providers and select the best plan for your travel insurance.

Which is why, there are only a handful of insurance companies which provide travel insurance plans after reaching the destination. With delay come reduced benefits, but you need to know some important things before you select your plan.

Things To Look In Your Immediate Travel Insurance After Reaching The Destination

Features Covered By Policy Plans

This is the most important step to consider while buying your immediate travel insurance plan. There are only a few insurance companies which provide this facility, and you need to select the best out of them. 

There may be some insurance policies which would not cover your pre-existing medical conditions. These conditions may include some illness or chronic diseases which exist before your trip, or injury types such as fractured bone or infection which requires treatment even on the trip.

Therefore, your travel insurance policy must be read thoroughly, and you can try to bargain with the provider to add some specific clauses, exclusive to your plan. As the travel insurance plans last for only 12 months or a year, you also might extend the policy for future travelling abroad. 

Waiting Period Clauses

Usually when you get an insurance, depending upon the insurer, the coverage starts after a certain period of time, instead of the second your purchase is confirmed. With some insurers, your travel insurance can start at the same time your purchase is done, while with other cases the waiting period for the insurance window can take up to 36 hours. 

Some travel insurers can delay your insurance window when you’re in the need of the same at that destination. To avoid such situations, it is advisable to purchase your insurance the moment you reach the travel destination, and understand every clause in between the lines. You must check the coverage starting time from the moment of purchasing, as you can claim it only once the period starts. 

Full or Partial Coverage

To figure out the right travel insurance plan after reaching the destination is difficult. You get to pay a higher price and you may miss some benefits too. But, you can also get the full coverage of the policy from your starting point till you reach back to your country. Usually, the travel insurers provide the same level of coverage even for the people who reached their destination already. 

The most important coverage clauses should include the following:

  • Hospital and medical assistance or death situations

It may not seem pleasant to plan for your untimely death during your trip, but such unforeseen circumstances need to be managed and may attract a lot of issues in the time of pain. That’s why your travel insurance plan must include medical and death clauses in your favour.

  • Coverage of valuable things

Another important travel insurance factor to be considered is your travel belongings. Sometimes you may miss your luggage at any place during your journey, and the insurance provider can help you find your belongings, or get compensation for the same if not found. 

The plan should cover all the personal items or luggage when stolen, damaged, or lost. Also, it becomes a very good security option when your credit card or cash gets stolen, which happens a lot during travelling to other countries.

  • Refund Clauses

While purchasing your travel insurance abroad, you cannot expect cancelling options afterwards. You need to check before purchasing the travel insurance plan, as it usually becomes non-refundable. 


Travel insurance is an important preparation step before travelling abroad. But, there are other insurance plans available after you reach the travel destination. You need to check different policy clauses which provide you comfort and a sense of security, without causing any chaos. 

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