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No matter where your next vacation or business trip takes you, packing the right outfits is of utmost importance. Bringing versatile garments that not only transition well from your suitcase but can also be worn in a variety of travel scenarios is key. Take a look at some travel outfit options for every scenario.

Considerations To Keep in Mind

As you consider whether to wear men’s jeans or dress slacks, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Before laying out your outfit choices and packing your bags, consider the following.

Where and Why You’re Traveling

Are you traveling domestically or internationally or to a tropical island or a cool climate? Will you be traveling for work or pleasure? What will be your mode of travel? How you answer each of these important questions will likely inform how you pack.


One of the most important things to think about in terms of what to pack is the weather at your destination. Certainly, your travel wardrobe will look much different if you’re traveling to a warm-weather locale than if you’re traveling to a destination with a cool climate. A simple web search can help you figure out what to expect weather-wise.

Method of Travel

The method by which you’ll be traveling is another consideration. If you are embarking on a long journey via plane, train, or car, you’ll likely want to pack comfortable leisurewear. If you’re hopping on a quick flight to a business meeting with little time to change your attire, you may want to wear a business casual look. Either way, the mode by which and the reason for your travels should inform what you wear and how you pack.

Outfit Idea 1: Non-iron Shirt and Jeans

Whether you’re looking for a great business casual outfit for a work trip or something to wear to dinner on vacation, this look is a great travel suggestion. Button-down dress shirts can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. If you’re traveling for work, non-iron dress shirts make for a smart business casual aesthetic.

If you’re traveling for leisure, this same look is perfect for dinner or a night out on the town. Best of all, non-iron dress shirts are perfect for packing because, as their name suggests, they don’t require ironing. Who wants to iron his clothes when traveling? These shirts can be worn straight out of your suitcase, and you’ll instantly have a polished look.

5 Travel Outfits for Men That Are Fashionable and Comfortable

Outfit Idea 2: Jeans and a Casual Fitted T-shirt

This classic outfit combination is perfect for travel days, lunches, sightseeing, and even nightlife. A well-fitting pair of medium-wash jeans can be stylishly donned any time of the day. Add a casual fitted T-shirt in any solid color and this ensemble can be easily dressed up or down.

If your plans require a more casual look, simply add a nice pair of tennis shoes and a baseball cap, and you’ll look just right for afternoon activities. For evening events, simply add a dressier shoe, a loafer, or a boat shoe, perhaps, and you can easily elevate this casual look.

Outfit Idea 3: Loungewear

Falling somewhere between pajamas and jeans, men’s loungewear is perfect for travel days. Comfortable and stylish, loungewear runs the gamut from sweats to leisure suits. Loungewear is much more comfortable for long journeys than jeans but looks way more put together than your faded sweatpants and stained college T-shirts.

A two-piece set paired with men’s casual shoes or a well-fitting pair of joggers and a fresh T-shirt are great examples of loungewear. Great styles for travel days, casual lunches, and leisurely activities while you’re away, packing a loungewear outfit or two is highly recommended.

Outfit Idea 4: Chinos and a Polo Shirt

If you’re a guy who prefers to smarten up his look when traveling, this outfit is a great choice. Not only do chinos wear well, but they look great, too. A step up from jeans and not quite as dressed up as business wear, chinos are comfortable and chic. Add a solid, neutral-colored polo shirt, and you’ll easily transition from air or car travel to lunch, a business meeting, and beyond.

Depending on where you’re heading upon arrival as well as the anticipated weather, this outfit can be worn with tennis shoes, loafers, or boots. For cooler travel days, simply add a bomber jacket, and you’ll look and feel great.

Outfit Idea 5: Dark Pants and a Sweatshirt

For a casual yet elevated travel look, consider dark pants with a sweatshirt. From jeans to joggers and chinos to dress slacks, a dark pair of pants is always a safe bet for travel days. Not only will pants protect your legs from touching unsanitary airport surfaces, but they hide wrinkles and potential stains better than their lighter counterparts.

A sweatshirt, zip-up, or pullover is not only a super-comfortable travel option, but it’s a great layering piece that will also protect you from the cool temperatures of a plane or a train. Forego any baggy sweatshirts for the smarter look of a tailored, solid-colored sweatshirt.

5 Travel Outfits for Men That Are Fashionable and Comfortable

Traveling in Style

No matter what the cause for your upcoming travel, whether it be business or pleasure, any of these five outfit choices will make a splash. From cozy to casual and smart to all dressed up, each of these outfits will look and feel great on travel days. Likewise, they’ll easily transition from travel to your destination’s pursuits.

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