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With your love anniversary date approaching, do you have a plan in mind? How do you wish to celebrate your lovely union? For starters, you could opt for a date night or even choose to go in for a cosy dinner at home followed by a Netflix session! Sounds nice! But what if we tell you that a stack of neon lights could aesthetically heighten your romantic mood? Yes, from neon love signs to wedding decor – you can get a plethora of it all to express your love! 

As you scroll down this post, you will get a listicle of fantastic neon love decor ideas by which you can celebrate your union with your partner. Let us help you explore the specifics of the same – 

How to enhance your romance with neon lights? 

A dark room, with Manhattan Neons powering your love sign, soft music being played at the backdrop, as you sway to the romantic beats with your partner – the perfect set-up to express your love to your dear one! 

That is to begin with! Apart from that, we will give you a host of ideas that you may use to highlight the romantic mood in your personal space – 

  • Opt for a neon signage expressing your love – an I Love You/I Miss You/I Want To Be Yours Forever/ My Person For Life quote (you can personalize these quotes too). 
  • Apart from that, you can choose neon lights to highlight your bedroom’s decor (maybe go in for aurora lights or something like neon hanging lights) to give that perfect ‘lovey-dovey’ feel! 
  • Another way to light up your bedroom is – putting up tailored neon ceiling lights (contrasting shades) and wall lights to express your love for your partner. 

These are some of the unique ways by which you can express your feelings to your partner in a private set-up. Trust us, neon lights ensure that your moments are celebrated like never before! 

Which wedding neon light decor to pick? 

For those of you who are looking for intimate wedding neon signs, to light up their special day, rest assured – there are plenty for you to choose from. Let us give you an idea of how to ideally place these signs to garner maximum effect of the – 

  • You can tailor romantic or cute love messages with these neon signs and place them all over your wedding venue.
  • Are you looking to experiment a little more? In that case, you can always light up the guest reception area and dining area with inviting neon lights. 
  • For those of you looking forward to creating a dreamy set-up, add both neon signs and lights in the couple photo backdrop or at the cocktail/bar area. These not only light up the mood but also ensure that the displayed messages make the get-up look nuptial-ready. 

Note: In terms of picking neon signs, especially for wedding decor, we would suggest you opt for – dainty designs (butterfly, couple hugging, floral ones), customized message ones (#lovemybae, #couplenames) or classic ones (happy conjugal life, happy wedding, may love live strong) and such! 

What to remember before choosing neon lights? 

There are a couple of things you must keep in mind before you opt for any neon sign to celebrate your love – 

  1. You must know your colours! Say you wish to express your emotions to your loved ones passionately. Red is the colour to pick! Bold, hot, with a dash of excitement – there’s nothing stopping you from bringing on your ‘sex game’ with your partner. If you want to make it official, a calm hue like blue, with a minimal amount of green, also works wonders! 
  2. For the unversed, multilayered neon lighting totally amps up the aesthetics of your space. Customize the sign to curate something that is visually dynamic yet pleasing to the eyes. 
  3. The next point to note is the temperature of the colour. Are you looking to bathe in something that is soft? Keep it below 3000 Kelvin. For those of you who want it bright and suggestive – the range of 3000-4000 Kelvin is just what you are looking at! 
  4. Lastly, always take note of the design and shape of the neon light. Angular designs look perfect for wedding decor. But if you wish to keep it personal, then there’s nothing better than a curvy pick to match your background vibe. 

Keep these points in mind, and assuredly you will be able to pick the neon light and sign that caters to all your requirements! 

Parting thoughts 

Assuming you have read this post well, you have a fair idea about how neon lights can amplify your mood and bring a sense of mysticism to your ethereal romance. We have also informed you about how to pick the correct neons to ensure you get the desired effect. Having said that, it is time you check out the specifics and pick an authentic provider to ensure you get the ideal set of lights for yourself! 


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