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With the modern era, a new wave of opportunities for artists has arrived. People are now able to sell their art online, and make their vision come to fruition. Yet, every artist needs to focus on building their customer base in order to retain viability and build profits. Customers are the people that bring you success, and help you promote the core products and services of your small business. So, here are nine ways you can build your base and keep on doing the thing that you love the most.  

Setting Up Your Artist’s Site

Setting up your artist’s site is a crucial step towards boosting your client exposure. It is almost imperative for businesses to have an online presence because e-commerce and general browsing are two of the most common methods for shopping and finding inspiration. With a site dedicated to your craft, you have new places to move. Whether you create your own, go third-party seller or do both, the trick is to set it up as soon as possible. 

Pick a Product

It is also important to pick your product scope. Some artists like to sell popular items like t-shirts, prints, and cards while others prefer to stick to portraits and landscapes. Many have even broken into the pet universe through providing customisable products for pet owners like dog portraits and engraved jumpers, and so on. The answer to how to make money as an artist comes when you know how you want to represent your artwork to the masses, so figure this bit out and your site will become a lot better, a lot faster. 

Make Sure the Virtual Representation Looks Professional

Don’t forget, the online representation of your work has to be a true reflection of the real-life depiction. That is why professional photography and investing in top-tier software is a must as well. 

Promoting on Social Media

As well as your online store, you can also take advantage of social media. Given that there is close to five billion worldwide users, this has become one of the most impactful spaces to bring the customers to your virtual door. Set up a profile and lean into all the benefits that come with it, like advertising perks, general reach, and the content appeal. 

Find an Influencer Cross Promotion

Take this one step further by reaching out to influencers online and giving them a reason to run a cross-promotion with your business. This will definitely increase your outreach. 

Being Fair with Pricing

Every artist wants to make money, but it is important to do this fairly. If clients perceive your products to be overpriced, they won’t complete a purchase. Create a reasonable pricing demand by conducting market research, calculating your work input, and knowing your worth. 

Putting Yourself Out There

Self-promotion doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people, but when it comes to making a name for yourself, it is just a part of the deal. Write a short biography to let people know who you are, what you do, and why it means something to you. This makes your service highly personable and taps into the empathy initiative as well. 

Attending Events

Events at key places of business related to your craft, like galleries or local hubs are a great way to show your face and draw up a crowd. People who are willing to show up and showcase what they’re offering improve their prospects in terms of building a client base because people are more likely to follow up after an in-person meeting. 

Respond to Reviews

Alongside requesting reviews post-purchase, an artist wanting to build strong B2C relationships should always try to respond to individual write-ups. Even the negative press deserves a reply, and retaining professionalism is extremely valuable in this context. If clients see you as an active presence, they will feel a deeper connection to what you’re trying to achieve. 

Seek Out Professional Critics

There is a lot of value in finding a professional to evaluate your portfolio, especially if they have some prestige and presence in the world you’re trying to grow into. If you are able to secure a feature in a magazine, culture website, an influential figure’s social media, or a gallery’s publication, your name will be out there, and this will bring people to your door. 

Host Events

After you have made a few sales, and reached a handful of people with your art, it is time to think about the value of hosting an event to showcase your products. An event is the perfect place for word-of-mouth attendees to see what you can do, customers you’ve brought in from social media, and other professionals in your industry to experience your work too. Consider hosting it at a local gallery, where there will be a natural buzz from the people who know and love the building already. Plenty of galleries often look for fresh talent to host events as a way to build their presence too, so it could be a mutually beneficial arrangement if all goes well. Don’t skimp on the champagne and hors d’oeuvres, and let the people know you want their business. 

Make it Personal

One thing an artist can do to give that extra touch when fulfilling an order is to create handwritten messages as a part of the package. The simple act of saying thank you means more than people think, and it really counts in the eyes of what might become valuable customers. These thoughtful actions are often the difference between people feeling a connection to your business, and including something like a magazine-style portfolio of what else you have to offer with the note increases the chance of another sale. 

As an artist, you have lots of options that will enable you to share your work with the world. However, to get to this point, you have to build a customer base. Customers are the things that drive your small business agenda into the realm of bigger successes, and that is why it is essential to nurture them throughout your journey. 

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