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Not many people talk about this, however, finance experts such as Glennys Rosario state that the economic and environmental crises have the same origin. The current economic model is to blame since it favors short-term benefits without taking into account the damage that it generates not only in the environment but also in society. 

The situation is alarming since the mismanagement of natural resources is what mainly affects the ecosystem. Meanwhile, the everyday man suffers the consequences due to the problems that arise in the productive sector.

Glennys Rosario insists that the effects of the economic and environmental crisis are getting bigger and bigger. That is why in recent years a series of strategies have emerged in the market that aim to take care of the planet by favoring sustainable activities. For the good of the planet, it is important to look after the needs of consumers without compromising the stability of the environment.

Ways to invest sustainably

Business and financial processes that use sustainable techniques are friendlier to the environment since they seek to reduce carbon emissions, avoid the loss of biological diversity and promote energy efficiency.

With the above in mind, Glennys Rosario affirms that it is important to favor financial decisions and investments that are committed to green or sustainable strategies. Up ahead, we list a few ways to invest sustainably: 

  • Corporate commitment

The power of shareholders can positively influence the behavior of corporations that seek environmental sustainability.

  • Restrictions

Organizations have in their hands the power to avoid investments from companies that do not comply with correct environmental standards, or that promote the export of products that are harmful to the environment.

  • Integration

According to Glennys Rosario, investment and financing decisions should be made with a focus on evaluations that integrate ESG factors.

  • Impact

To help the planet, investments must be made in companies, funds, organizations, and projects that work with the purpose of generating acceptable financial profits, as well as a favorable social and environmental impact.

  • Sustainability Themed Investments

The activity of the companies must address sustainability problems that cover specific areas, such as renewable energies or climate change with the financing of clean and sustainable technology ventures.

In addition to the fact that green investments are a growing trend, some benefits that Glennys Rosario would like to emphasize are its favorable economic prospects, as well as the promising future that awaits them since soon they will be the most important source of profit for major companies.

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