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You might think that product photography is straightforward and involves just taking pictures of your products on white backgrounds. But in reality, it is very organized; not following specific procedures will cost your e-commerce business. More than 90% of customers consider visual images to be one of the key buying factors. 

With an increase in daily use of the internet, the e-commerce industry is going through a time of stiff competition. As you might know, the human brain can process pictures in just 13 milliseconds.

Hence, providing high-quality product images for e-commerce can give customers a detailed look at their favorite products from your store. It is bound to impact sales positively.

Read on to learn more about a few tips that you can use for shooting products in an outdoor setting efficiently. 

How is an outdoor product shoot different from a studio shoot?

You can generally control your subjects and the frame while conducting a product shoot session inside a studio. On the contrary, you are bound to depend on nature while working on an outdoor shoot.  

Therefore, checking the sun’s brightness and the weather conditions is wise before conducting an outdoor product shoot. Getting the right naturalistic colors can make your product pictures unique!  

Six tips for conducting an efficient outdoor product shoot 

Here are six tips that you can use for conducting an outdoor product shoot:

1.Choose the right location. 

You need to plan extensively for your outdoor product shoot beforehand. What kind of place do you want to show your product? What emotions do you seek to evoke from your products? What timing is perfect for the best lighting conditions?

Depending on the answers to these questions, you can choose various outdoor locations for your product shoot. For example, mountains and woods can be perfect for eco-friendly advertising products. In comparison, casual places like terraces and balconies are more suited for commercial products.   

During outdoor product shoots, the sun will be the primary light source. So, taking precautions and ensuring that your product gets optimum lighting is critical. Make sure that no shadows are coming into the product picture. You can get great photos of your product by shooting in the right outdoor location.

2.Use suitable props and background. 

Once you’ve decided on your shoot location, the next step is to look for immersive props. Mother Nature can provide various backgrounds for your pictures. However, we suggest creating your own setting to create consistency on your store page. Choose a black or white fabric to create the best backdrop for outdoor product shooting.  

3.Click multiple pictures from multiple angles.

Nowadays, DSLR photography has become a niche. The advancement in mobile phone cameras has enabled users to capture breathtaking photos. Clicking multiple pictures of your products from various angles will give your customers a detailed look at your products. 

Click separate images of any more minor details featured by your product separately. These pictures can retain users’ attention very quickly.  

4.Use the right equipment for the shoot.

Use a tripod if you’re shooting in low light. You’ll need to click pictures in slow shutter mode to get that crisp and detailed product picture, and the camera takes a bit longer while clicking in slow-shutter mode. 

However, a tripod can help you get a clear and immersive product picture. Use an external flash to perfect your settings. If you’re shooting in broad daylight, use an ND filter to soften the image.    

5.Focus on the emotions that you’re models are evoking 

Use a model to invoke certain emotions that go along with your product. For example, a relaxed feeling can be perfect for healthcare products. 

In contrast, sports commercials go best with tired athletes looking forward to that last game. How your model expresses their emotions in the product photo dramatically impacts the customer’s impressions. 

Benefits of an outdoor product shoot

Here are some reasons why outdoor product shoots can be a game-changer for an e-commerce store:

  1. Most ecommerce companies carry out their product shoots indoors. You can tactfully stand out from the market if your product offers something that goes along with outdoor settings – for example, sunscreen. 
  2. Outdoor product shooting enables customers to understand the accurate scale of your product. 
  3. When shooting outdoors, you don’t have to worry about restrictions, as Mother Nature can provide you with infinite backgrounds!
  4. Natural sunlight gives off a unique radiance to your pictures. 


Outdoor photography can be unique, but it’s not easy. Consider hiring an expert, as they can get the desired light settings and backgrounds and make the most of the situation. 

Outdoor product photography involves a lot of technical jargon. That’s why arming yourself with a few insider tips and knowledge can help your business in the long run.  

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