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Tantric massage is a powerful way to connect with your body. It can be used for relaxation or as a spiritual practice and there are many different types of Tantric massage. In this article, we explain the key differences between Tantra and other meditation techniques.

What is Tantric massage

Tantric Massage is a type of massage that is focused on the energy flow in the body. It is also known as sensual massage, which means it’s more spiritual than other types of massages.

In Tantric massage, you will be instructed to practice breathing deeply and slowly as you receive a massage from your partner. This will help to relax you while they are massaging different parts of your body. The goal of this type of massage is to connect with your partner on an emotional level so that both parties can feel their connection during sex afterwards (if they want).

How does Tantric massage differ from other massages

Tantric massage is a form of massage that is based on the ancient Tantric practices of India. It differs from other types of massage because it focuses on

both pleasure and spiritual growth. The therapist uses his or her hands to give a full-body experience, focusing on releasing tension and pain while bringing you closer to your partner and yourself.

Tantric massage can be described as very different from other types of massages because it takes place over several hours instead of just 30 minutes; this allows for more intimate contact with your partner, which can result in greater emotional closeness between you both. In addition, Tantric massages are usually done with only one person at a time (you) so there’s less pressure than if someone else was present during the session: no need for small talk!True Sex Stories

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The key difference to other massages

Tantric massage is a more focused and sensual experience. It’s more about the experience than it is about technique, and it’s all based on your own self-exploration and pleasure.

Tantric massage isn’t just another form of Western massage—it’s not even really a “massage” at all! Instead, it involves tapping into your energy to achieve higher states of consciousness through eroticism and meditation. While this may sound like an impossible feat if you’re new to tantric practice, once you learn how to get into this state of mind (and body), you’ll be amazed at how much fun it can be!

Is it safe?

Tantric massage is safe. It’s a spiritual practice, and it’s a way of opening up spiritually, releasing tension and connecting with yourself and your partner. Tantra is all about taking the time to enjoy each other and enjoy each moment. The more you can relax into this process, the more successful you’ll be in achieving what tantra sets out to do: release your inhibitions so that you can feel comfortable enough to express yourself fully in every situation. Once these blocks are removed from our lives through tantric massage techniques like yoni or lingam massages (what we call “tantric sex”), we’re able to live life on a higher level than ever before because now we know how good it feels when those blocks are gone!

Tantric massage can be a great way of releasing tension and opening up spiritually.

Tantric massage can be a great way of releasing tension and opening up spiritually. It is a practice that has been around for thousands of years in both Eastern and Western cultures & was once reserved for only the most elite members of society; it’s now available to everyone who wants to learn this ancient practice.

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Ultimately, the goal of a tantric massage is to relax your body and mind so you can open up spiritually. This type of bodywork involves using slow strokes on different parts of the body, especially areas that are sensitive or tense like the neck or shoulders (which can cause feelings of anxiety). The goal is not just relaxation but also increased mindfulness so that you can be present with what feels good instead of worrying about other things like work deadlines or bills due soon.


Tantra can be a great way to start meditating. It’s easy, accessible and most importantly, it’s fun! So if you’re looking for something new, give tantra a try.

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