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If you want to get into the designer bag market and buy one for yourself, you have to know that there’s a difference between good quality bags and bad quality bags. Although some reputable designer brands always have high quality bags, others don’t, so be aware and learn the tips to choosing a quality designer bag. 


The fastest way to tell the overall quality of a bag is in the material. The distinct hardware shape is a good indicator of quality, as it means they are made specifically for the brand or for the particular bag you’re looking at. Likewise, embossed hardware is also a good indicator of quality, as it shows a brand’s willingness to invest in keeping their brand name on the bag, as logos printed on leather can fade over time. time. 

 It is important to review the details and check not only visible hardware but also concealed details, such as buckles, zippers, and hooks.


Leather is still the most common material used in handbags due to its durability, but it can be expensive. Over time, leather will wear down and soften, while synthetics will peel off, showing more visible signs of wear.

People often claim that if an item smells like leather, it’s genuine leather, but that’s not true. In the end, that leather smell might just be a perfume. 

 The easiest way to tell if a handbag is genuine leather is to put a flame on it. Polyurethane imitation leather will quickly catch fire and begin to melt, while smouldering real leather will darken, but not easily catch fire. Be careful, however, that the finish on real leather can still catch fire, but the leather itself won’t melt. Leather is a great option for handbags and ladies leather wallets in Australia


Take a good look at how the bag is put together. Simpler constructions tend to be more durable because fewer parts mean fewer parts that stick together, but this can be more expensive for the manufacturer. Sourcing and cutting large pieces of leather requires skill and allows for very little error. The simpler construction tends to be a sign of good work.


Another great proof of quality can be found in the lining of the bag. Luxury handbags will often have a branded lining or lining in a colour or material that is specific to that brand. But perhaps the biggest story of quality is actually how the lining is mounted inside the bag. The seam of the liner should not only be neat and even, but should adhere completely to the inside of the bag and not just to the opening. If you can remove the liner as it is not attached to the bottom of the bag, this is an indicator of cost cutting from the brand.


Ideally, the stitching of the handbag should be even, which means each stitch should be of equal length and length. The lines of the seam should be straight and without obvious inclination. Likewise, the stitch should not reveal any loose threads, as they can easily come off. 

It’s not recommended to  buy bags without seams because that means the bag is glued together. Glue doesn’t make handbags durable, so save your money to buy something better instead.

Choose Louis Vuitton for Quality Every Time

Louis Vuitton has been making handbags since the 1800’s, making them one of the longest standing luxury brands in the world. From the day they began to now, they have been the leader in quality men’s bags, men’s leather goods, women’s bags and more. When you choose Louis Vuitton, you’re choosing quality.  


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